About Us


We are passionate people that are ready to make a change and make a difference.  We need you, your passion, and YOUR Vote for Tamiko "T.C." MUELLER. We want to make a difference today for Southern Illinois.

Southern Illinois STRONG!

 Elect Tamiko "T.C." MUELLER, for State Representative. We are Southern Illinoisans! We work, live, play, and raise our families here in Southern Illinois.  We are ready for change with more good paying jobs, we are ready to get to work, we are ready to unite. We are Southern Illinois STRONG!   

Tamiko the Voice and Vote for Southern Illinois

Tamiko is the right voice for Southern Illinois. Her father in law, was a coal miner. Her husband, has been both a Laborer and a Teamster, and her family works their small business together. Tamiko knows the heart beat of Southern Illinois. 

 Tamiko knows what it means to serve. She has served our great country for over 20 years, with the last ten years serving for the Illinois  National Guard. She has served her county on the Jackson County Board.

Tamiko cares about our country, our state, our community and most importantly for YOU!  Tamiko is the right Voice and Vote for Southern Illinois.  

Vote Tamiko "T.C." MUELLER for 

 State Representative!