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March 20, 2018
Tamiko "T.C." Mueller

Elect Tamiko "T.C." MUELLER

State Representative, 115th District

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Elect Tamiko "T.C." MUELLER, for State Representative.  Tamiko Mueller has been part of the Southern Illinois community for many years, working with residents to make it a better place. As an undergraduate at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Tamiko served as precinct committeewoman in Thompson Point. Currently, Tamiko is serving on the Jackson county board.  Tamiko is excited to serve the people of Southern Illinois. She believes in Southern Illinois and making Southern Illinois Strong! 

United & Strong

Tamiko knows the value of being united and going for the objective. With her time in the military, she knows what it means to stay focused and get the objective accomplished. That's why she is running for the State Representative position, 115th District to help Southern Illinois stay strong. Southern Illinois Strong means good paying jobs, for a good honest day's work, it means having time with your family and making our family unit strong. Southern Illinois Strong means standing together, helping one another. We need industry in Southern Illinois. Tamiko can HELP!   Help her Help YOU...

Vote Tamiko "T.C." MUELLER for

State Representative

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Elect Tamiko "T.C." MUELLER, for State Representative. Tamiko needs your VOTE for her on March 20, 2018! Spread the word for change in Southern Illinois.  Help Tamiko, bring good paying jobs to our area, bring industry, and economic development. We need everyone to tell your friends and family by word-of-mouth. We need volunteers to knock on doors, make phone calls, and fill envelopes with literature.  Lastly, we are a grassroots campaign and your donations, and time volunteering are such a valuable resource to help us get the word out and the work done to run this race. These are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together, please VOTE March 20, 2018.  

       Vote Tamiko "T.C." MUELLER for

              State Representative

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